Psychological Testing and School Supports

A psychological evaluation can have some important implications for your child at school. There are two levels of support in the school setting for children who have mental health diagnoses, an Individualized Education Program (IEP) and a 504 plan. An IEP is a more intensive level of support and is special education. An IEP has specific goals, services, accommodations and modifications based upon the needs of the child. Children with IEP’s can receive additional support for academics, behavior, mental health, speech and motor needs. 504 plans a more minimal level of support available to children who have any medical diagnosis, who need additional accommodations in the school setting. IEP services are available for students up to age 22 and 504 plans can be for any age and can even provide support for college age kids.

Our testing clinicians at Courage to Connect provide recommendations as part of the evaluation, which can then be presented to the school or college. Schools may provide additional services or accommodations or re-classify students in special education based on the information provided. Also, all of our current evaluators are school psychologists so they are experienced in understanding the intricacies of the school system. After the extensive information gathered on you or your child, we will be able to guide you on what works in the school or college setting!

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