Working With Shut Down Learners

Shut down learners are very sensitive to cues from parents and their environment. Although the frustration of coping with a shut down learner may trigger yelling and punishments, these actions rarely work to improve the behavior of the child that has already disengaged from school. Overcoming these feelings requires parents to recognize the problem, help set goals, use rewards instead of punishments, and to work with the child side-by-side to address problems. Even though this process is difficult for both parents and children, it can result in better outcomes that enable the child to succeed where failure was once viewed as the only option.

Therapy is also a great way to help shut down learners open up, work through obstacles, and build confidence. If you feel your child is in need of therapeutic assistance, let’s connect at (847) 730-3042.

Dr. Michael Clatch, Psy. D
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