How Strengths-Based Therapy Works

Like its name, strengths-based therapy is an approach that helps people build on their present strengths to create better skills for the future. Within this view, problems are opportunities for change and growth that bring people to new levels of strength and character. These levels already exist within people but are not yet realized. Therapy is the process of realizing these strengths in new dimensions in life.

Sample ImageThe strengths-based process begins when the therapist and client discuss the areas the client wants to change. They take time next to identify the areas, behaviors, and patterns that are working for them. These strengths are often a hidden resource that clients do not recognize because they are so focused on their problems or present issues. From this foundation of strength, the therapist and client work to develop goals that will help the client to connect those strengths with new skills and patterns that can facilitate growth and healing. As the goals are realized through talk therapy, homework, and other interventions, the initial problems become strengths. The issues that brought clients to therapy are transformed through the connections made between the foundation of strength and the opportunities for positive change that reside in problems. In this way, strengths-based therapy builds clients

Dr. Michael Clatch, Psy. D
Posted in: Therapy
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