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Presentations and Workshops
Offering interactive experiences for community outreach, group therapy, team building, and more.

Dr. Michael is available to facilitate interactive presentations and workshops throughout the northern suburbs and Chicagoland area for businesses, schools, churches, youth groups, community organizations, healthcare providers and more. Sessions range from one to three hours based on the topic and expressed need.

For more information, please contact Courage to Connect at (847) 730-3042 or email us at

Select topics include:

Breaking Through and Breaking Free – Connecting with Young Adults and Teens

When teens and young adults lose their way in life, breaking through the perceptual barriers that separate them from loved ones, from themselves, and from reality can seem impossible. In this presentation, Dr. Michael gives parents real-world techniques for connecting with troubled teens and young adults.
Dr. Michael also gives parents ways to cope with the stresses of such challenging times.

Parenting with Strength to Create Stability and Security

A sense of safety and security is the foundation of a child’s developing identity, self-esteem, and self-confidence. Yet such stability may seem elusive for children who live in a world where families experience divorce, high mobility, stressful career expectations, and fast-paced technological change. Dr. Michael shares the success of strength-based parenting that focuses on what is working forin families, parents, and children and how parents can build on these successes to overcome obstacles to their children’s overall well-being and security. By incorporating these techniques into an authoritative parenting model, parents can help their children feel secure, safe, and confident– despite the changes that occur so regularly in society.

Transforming Materialistic Disconnection to Contented Connection

Though most Americans believe they need more money, the fact is that from a worldwide perspective, even average American families enjoy incredible wealth. Yet this material advantage and the pressures it creates by the need to continuously have the latest gadgets–HD televisions, smartphones, and tablet computers– and to constantly increase one’s personal wealth, are producing a persistent sense of dissatisfaction in America’s children. In a world that is sometimes more virtual than real, American kids are more disconnected from others than ever before, and are therefore unhappier. Dr. Michael shares steps that parents can take to change this situation and enable their children to establish lifelong habits that result in connected relationships, satisfaction, and happiness.

Art, Self-Expression, Connection

Children with Asperger’s lack some of the necessary perceptual skills to understand their social world, yet they long for that connection. Dr. Michael shares his insights into how art can be the bridge the child with Asperger’s needs to truly connect with the outside world. Art helps children with Asperger’s express themselves in authentic ways, especially when parents, teachers, and therapists work with that art to build on children’s strengths and enhance their connections with others.

Transforming Difficult to Delightful

It is a fact of parenting that some children have easy temperaments and some do not. Sensitive, self-absorbed, defiant, inattentive, and active temperaments make the parenting of these kids more challenging. They also make parenting potentially more rewarding, because deep connections are created through the conscious and intense parenting of these challenging kids. Dr. Michael shows parents how to move from overwhelming difficulty to enjoyable reward with their challenging kids. The happiest parents of challenging kids adjust their parenting to fit their child, while simultaneously maintaining firm but fair boundaries and guidelines for their behavior. Dr. Michael shows parents how to achieve this with their challenging children every day and how to continue it throughout their children’s lives