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From boyhood to the teen years and beyond, we help guys find the strength to become the men they want to be.





Believe you can and you’re halfway there.
— Theodore Roosevelt

It’s not easy being a guy. The challenges of childhood, growing up, and building a life for one’s self and one’s family can bring significant pressures. When a young man has encountered trauma or other obstacles to personal development, these challenges can become even more difficult.

At Courage to Connect, we understand that men have individual needs that must be addressed in unique ways. Our therapists work with guys of all ages to discover their their hidden sources of strength–sources that may be overlooked because of social pressures and personal beliefs. By drawing on these hidden resourceresourcess, men find the courage to build stronger relationships, enhance educational and career opportunities, and enrich their lives.

Being a guy doesn’t mean you have to do it alone. Reach out to Courage to Connect and we’ll help you discover the man you want to be.