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Art and Play Therapy
Courage to Connect offers a broad palette of creative ways for patients to express their feelings, connect with others…and have fun!





Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time.
— Thomas Merton

Children bring remarkable energy and natural creativity to everything they do.
Treating a child using art and play therapy helps them communicate their thoughts, emotions, and feelings in a setting that is comfortable to the child.

At Courage to Connect, our therapists feel that play is the language of children, and that having fun can be serious business. As part of our practice, we incorporate art, play, and music therapy to provide a better understanding of the child’s emotions, coping mechanisms, and behavior management skills in order to reveal new pathways for expression and healing.

These creatively based techniques can also be tailored to the needs of adolescents and young adults, who often crave an outlet for the complex emotions involved with growing up and moving on.

At Courage to Connect, we reach out to patients in a manner they can understand, to help them find a new way forward. We know how to make therapy fun.